Corporate Training Delivery

Instructor-Led On Site Training Sessions

All of Ahead Technology curriculum can be delivered on-site at your company location or at a convenient hotel facility nearby. Private training sessions can also be delivered via our Virtual Classroom program as well. For more information, pricing, and to schedule your course contact us at 888-922-0022 or email

Significant cost savings

Significant cost savings can be achieved through private instructor-led training sessions. Whether delivered on site or at a convenient location nearby, our instructor-led offering includes:

  • Delivery by certified instructors (ITSM practitioners),
  • Student kit printing costs,
  • Examination cost, ordering and scheduling,
  • Examination proctor cost and scheduling, and
  • Extensive Experience.

We have extensive worldwide experience in delivering ITSM courses. Our internationally accredited, best in class and easy to follow ITSM training programs are focused on the provision of structured knowledge and discussions to prepare course participants to successfully achieve their goals and certifications and to apply this knowledge in their work environment. We deliver our programs using the following delivery modalities; Instructor led in-class programs, Virtual classroom programs, and E-learning.


As an accredited Authorized Training Organization (ATO), Ahead Technology is able to order exams on your behalf directly from the appropriate exam institutes. Cost of exams and proctors are included in our private session pricing.

Instructors (ITSM Practitioners)

Our instructors are some of best in the world, possessing a wealth of ITSM and other best practices knowledge and experiences We validate their credentials and capabilities and ensure they undergo a vigorous "On-Boarding" program prior to teaching. We ensure they understand and can effectively communicate the importance of the Service Management Philosophy. Our instructors also put special emphasis on explaining the importance of successfully passing the relevant certification exams.

Customized Training Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Another advantage of private on-site sessions is that we can tailor the delivery to your specific audience. Since Ahead Technology has developed all of the material in our curriculum and owns its intellectual property, we have the ability to create custom courses specifically for you. This allows our customers to focus the training, potentially reduce the duration and add case studies and examples that are specific to their company or industry. Our course developers are ITSM practitioners and customization is performed by our professional services group.

Quality Delivery

Ahead Technology's approach to training, combined with a proven Instructor "real life" experiences in the subject matter are intended to provide the course participants with a wealth of theoretical and practical reference material, beyond the course basic requirements. This is complemented by "in class" relevant sample test questions, exercises and homework assignments to ensure the participants' understanding of the presented material.

Why Ahead Technology?

  • High quality course materials with notes for future reference,/li>
  • Examination Institute accredited course material,
  • Certified instructors with practical hands on experience,
  • Official ITIL® Certification exams, and
  • Continual course updates and new course development.
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